Monday, September 15, 2008

New Friends with Old Things !!!

We are flying into fall at Old South Antique Mall !!!

Summer's end has brought us several New Friends with Old Things !

One of our new vendors, TKG/JJK/BH is actually of trio of three old friends who have brought in a large new selection of repurposed and updated furniture and accessories. These three have a rich history in the antique business and we are delighted to add them to our list of vendors and friends .

Our new vendor in Booth G-95 shares an extensive collection of new vintage glassware. It is geared to collectors.

As you wander through the mall, be on the look out for the original art work in R-ART !!

Our new trio, TKG/JJK/BH , has four booths; all beautifully decorated !!

As cool weather approaches, come and spend an hour, an afternoon, or a day....if you haven't been lately you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

S-14 Malcolm is Back !!!

We are so excited at the mall !!!! There is alot of activity with new vendors and new products and Malcolm is back in Booth S-14 !!

These are just a few of the beautiful pieces he has for sale.

Come on in and browse this great selection of beautiful one of a kind furniture pieces.